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Special Occasions

I See You® Candle is perfect to use, if you love creating memorable experiences.

Celebrating life’s moments, milestone and events with an I See You experience has never been possible like this, until NOW!

We've made it easy!

No Cake or Cupcakes? 

You will NEVER have miss out on a chance to make a wish on your birthday or special occasion EVER AGAIN, with the I See You® Candle!

Greeting Cards - I See You Company

Did you know that our I See You® Candle goes perfectly with greeting cards?  

I See You® Candle's specialty birthday size candle and patented bow base are the perfect size to help you create a memorable experience & a chance to make a wish.

But you may be wondering how I See You® Candle 
works with your greeting card, right?

Simply peel the adhesive back on our patented bow base, then attach the bow to your envelope! Insert the candle in the base of the bow and it's ready to be lit!

It's just that easy!

If you haven't already, NOW is the perfect time to give our I See You® Candle a try because almost every moment (BIG OR SMALL) & person is a reason for a CELEBRATION!

Here are few more ideas of special occasions that could use an I See You® Candle & I See You experience:

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