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About The I See You Company

We believe that everyone deserves to be recognized, celebrated and seen! The I See You Company was inspired in 2015 when our father gave a coworker a cup of tea to say thank you. He wanted to celebrate her with a candle, but there was no way to attach it to a cup, so he gave her the tea and said “I See You.” She started crying and said “no one sees me”. 

This moment reminded us that you never know what someone is going through. But, everyone deserves to be seen, recognized and celebrated - with a wish. Because Wishes Aren’t Just for Birthdays.

But how can you do that without cake or ice cream?

That’s why we created our product, the I See You® Candle.  

The I See You® Candle
 - the perfect way to celebrate someone and make them feel special with a wish! We are a family owned company with a simple mission: To make the world a better place, one meaningful I See You Moment (with a wish) at a time.

Our products create heartfelt connections and priceless memories through caring for one another and fostering compassion.

Because we care, our Specialty Birthday Candles - I See You™ candles - are 100% made in the U.S.A. with sustainable and recycled materials.  

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It is ingrained in us as people to give back - we've always done it (as children, as a family, as adults). We've worked for non-profits, social services, the addiction industry and have seen first-hand how much need is out there.

We’ve seen what works, what doesn't work and how to actually make an impact. So, when you buy an I See You® Candle, you’re helping us to support community outreach programs nationwide. 

We find where the need is and give back with our time, product and donations!

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