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Honoring a Superhero - Ms. Williamson

Honoring a Superhero - Ms. Williamson

May is Teacher Appreciation Month and at The I See You Company we are spending the month celebrating teachers every week!

Recognizing our teachers is a simple act that goes a long way. Our teachers are our country’s greatest resources and they deserve to be reminded regularly!

Over the last two weeks we shared with ya’ll the amazing #iseeyoumoment created with 32 student letters, a lantern and an I See You® Candle.

Today we are featuring a phenomenal teacher who was nominated for an #iseeyoumoment of recognition! That’s you, Miss Sasha Williamson.

Sasha Williamson is a teacher at Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School (RCMMES) in Nashville, TN ! RCMMES is Nashville’s First Museum School.

You read that right. There is literally a museum inside this school.

RCMMES uses Paideia instruction to foster an environment of communication and conceptual understanding.

As we’ve learned more about Mrs. Williamson, it’s easy to understand what an asset and gift she is to her students and the Nashville Community as a whole.

Let’s learn a little bit more about Ms. Sasha Williamson from her nominator, Dr. Michael Jackson.

Who do you know deserving of an I See You Moment of recognition?

I nominate Sasha Williamson as an educator worthy of "I See You" recognition. Sasha is a 2nd grade general education at Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School (RCMMES) in North Nashville. She has served in public education for over 7 years and taught across 3 grade levels - 1st, 2nd, and 4th. 

What inspires you about this teacher?

Sasha travels nearly an hour to work each day, one way, to greet her students each morning, and provide exceptional learning experiences for classes of 18+ students. I've seen her sacrifice her own time and resources to ensure that her students have the things the need to be successful in school, i.e. clothing, materials, etc. She mentions going into the teaching profession out of her love for children and her desire to make a lasting change.

What is it about this teacher that makes her stand out?

In addition to her routine teacher responsibilities at RCMMES, she mentors first-year teachers, facilitates quarterly museum nights, organizes family and parent involvement night, organizes student learning expeditions, and promotes social-emotional learning. These are just a few reasons why she is exceptional. I've witnessed her make decisions in the best interest of her students, although that meant more work for her. Her commitment to her students knows no end. 

Tell us something else about this amazing teacher.

Notwithstanding her matriculation towards the Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Trevecca Nazarene University (anticipated completion date May 2020), Sasha continues to pursue her own goals and develop professionally. She holds two masters degrees and an undergraduate degree from the Tennessee State University. Her commitment to learning serves her well, as she is a role model to her three children and so many others. 

What do you want Sasha to know?

Sasha- God, your children (including students), and I "see you."

Sasha, WE SEE YOU too! Thank you for making it your life’s purpose to educate our youth. You are truly making a profound impact on your students, their parents and our community. Nashville is so lucky to have you here!

Next time you have the chance, thank the amazing teachers in your life. The teachers, like Sasha, who give back, uplift and inspire our children. We cannot do it without them!

Every teacher DESERVES TO BE SEEN, recognized & Celebrated! Please join us in celebrating this amazing 2nd grade teacher, Sasha Williamson.

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