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In the spirit of celebrating Pride Month, we wanted to shine a light and share the story of someone who is using their platform for activism, inspiration and truth speaking. At The I See You Company, we believe that EVERYONE deserves to feel seen, be recognized and celebrated (AND you know I’m going to say with a wish too)! It is our complete honor to introduce to you this exemplary human being, Julian J. Walker - an actor, a poet, an author, speaker and activist. 


There was a goosebump moment that happened prior to launching  I See You® Candle that we'll never forget. In 2016, while driving in Nashville, I turned the radio on and The Bobby Bones Show was on. I rushed to turn the volume up as I heard Bobby Bones say “I See You Manny Pacquiao. I’ll never forget this because Bobby Bones was using his time on the radio to spread positivity. No sponsors. No Sales. Just a message of goodness and celebration for an act of kindness! 


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